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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Short but Sweet!

It is almost two weeks since I have written anything, anywhere except on the prescription pads! The reasons are many. I was busy, too busy for comfort. Then I was lazy, a bit lazy to stay up longer. It was cozy, when we went to Kumarakom for a short weekend holiday. And it was crazy simply because too many ideas were coming around without a single one inspiring a thought!

I was supposed to meet my closest buddies at some place in Madikeri, Karnataka. But unfortunately that was not to be due to some unexpected twist in the story. Hence I ended up in Kumarakom with my wife and daughter for a weekend holiday. This was NOT "All fun and no work". It was rather "Business with Pleasure!" I was attending a Continued Medical Education program which was clubbed with a holiday.

We stayed at a lovely place called Lake Song on the picturesque waterfront of the backwater beauty of Kumarakom. There sure was a Lake and a Song; the Song of the nature! This place was so very breathtakingly beautiful; I ran out of words to describe it. I have loaded some nice snaps from Lake Song on my Orkut album. If a picture can speak a thousand words, then I am happy not to search for words!

There were families of many eminent Doctors from different parts of Kerala. The banquet was good, the CME was good too. There was rain and there was shine. I wanted to inspire my daughter to dance during the party and that meant a song. Yes, I sang in a party after a long long time. Though the song per say was just average, the thrill of singing in front of a gathering was great. This was something that used to inspire me, fire me up and had made me a 'Singer' at one point of time in my life. Today, though they seem to be fond but distant memories. Though my daughter didn't dance because the DJ didn't have her favorite track; the night and the day and the overall experience left us asking for more.

But then as the proverb goes... There always is a Monday after every Sunday. Hence I was back to work on Monday morning. Thus goes another short but sweet holiday leaving us to live in waiting for our next holiday.

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