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Monday, October 15, 2012

So What is Your Attitude ?

ATTITUDE, that is what matters is what many people would like us to believe; especially youngsters. They give a long explanation about how "Hard Work", "Knowledge" and "Intelligence" don't become 100% when we add their numerical values of alphabets. But "Attitude" they say adds up to exactly 100. Some "Intelligence" "Knowledge" and "Hard work" has gone into this "Attitude" !
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What is "Attitude" ? I see a lot of trolling on Facebook, flaunting "Attitude". Some say, "If you have problem with my attitude, that is your problem, not mine. Get yourself corrected". Some go further and say, "I don't have an attitude problem. It is the problem with people about how they look at me".
So what is "Attitude" again ? Is it walking with a swagger with a couple of oranges tucked in the armpits ? Vivian Richards did that all his life. He murdered bowlers with that swagger. But his swagger didn't desert him in failure. Is it what Salman Khan flaunts in movie after movie after movie ?

Or is it what we see on a third of those Facebook profiles ? Youngsters with no qualification, no education, no physical attributes or anything significant to boast of, boast of "My Attitude". To me that is arrogance or simply obnoxious nature !
Wikipedia tells us that "Attitude" is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing, or event (the attitude object). Prominent psychologist Gordon Allport once described attitudes "the most distinctive and indispensable concept in contemporary social psychology.

Wikipedia continues to say, "An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, event, activities, ideas, or just about anything in your environment, but there is debate about precise definitions". Whether attitudes are explicit (deliberately formed) versus implicit (subconscious) has been a topic of considerable research.

Without further quoting Wiki, I would like to add, "The definition people have given to attitude doesn't match what has been described in dictionaries". Well, some people might say, "We don't go by any dictionary meanings. We form our own meaning and that is our attitude". Blah !

Attitude to me is what I have seen in some of these people. If a picture can speak a thousand words, I would like to do it with pictures ! To me...

This is "Attitude"
And this is "Attitude"
And then this is "Attitude"
Sincerely, I hope to imbibe "Attitude" from these people !

Dr. Punned-it


  1. Absolutely Govind glorious example u have shown I salute her for her attitude and guts

    1. Yes Sir. The idea came because of these 2 people, Malala and Yuvi. Then I remembered the girl under the street lamp.


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