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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The End of Global Warming !

As I was buzzing on my Gmail page about the intolerable heat, I suddenly started to feel really cold in my cabin. Well, the 16 Degree Celsius temperatures offered by the Air-conditioners never really made me feel so cold; even during winter. I thought I was going to catch a fever. But my temperature was normal and I had no other symptom associated with Viral Fever.

I was really wondering and decided to look on the net for the meteorology reports and see what I got! The reason for the sudden cooling of Mother Earth is THIS!

To this date, we were blaming wrong policies, man's greed and atrocity against nature, rapid urbanization and even George W Bush and Narendra Modi for Global Warming. But now we know the reason! All these days we didn't realize this. This will come as a big shock for the Environmentalists.

Rakhi Sawant came on Indian entertainment industry like a whiff of hot air from a giant sized dryer. Just Imagine, she managed to lift the fortunes of a Channel single-handed and then got a career for her  boyfriend before discarding him. She even managed to raise the old man from the dead!

All this while the signs were there for all to see, but we failed to see them. But now all of a sudden the truth is out. This will be a big shock for her fans. The masculine force of India will never be the same again! But what Rakhi has done is in the larger interest of the planet. It is now evident that she realized Eyjafjallajökull happened because of her and hence this sacrifice.

So far she sacrificed her clothes to warm up the globe and most of the men stopped wearing anything due to the heat. Now she will start wearing some clothes at last and the gents apparel industry is bound to grow. Let us all stand up and applaud this noble act of a Diva who has realized the truth about her prowess!

Now we can live on a cooler earth minus the one piece, two piece or three piece postures of Rakhi Sawant! Peace be upon Earth!


  1. Oh my goodness!I was so happy to read the caption and jumped immediatly to know when and how the earth will cool down.You men! when will u come out of ur manliness.No wonder a single xx specie can cause so much of global warming.Besides every other xx is now competing with Rakhi to minimise their attire to feel cold & to make the hot.'I CURSE THE 3RD PLANET TO GO BACK TO ICEAGE!'

  2. Men are Men, but idiot you disappointed me. I was so curious to know what it is, and what I got? Dumb Ass of our planet!!@@## First thing I want you to do is delete this. You are going to waste lot other peoples lot of time and cause GLOBAL WARMING of their cerebral hemispheres which in turn will char your bilateral cerebral hemispheres along with your hairs which may further warm the Globe!! So what ever good YOUR Rakhi Sawanth has done to bring it down will go down in the drain. Please dont disappoint your sweet heart. Do good to HER at least !!@@##$$

  3. Murli, this post will stay because it is NOT intended to be taken seriously! I wrote it in sheer frustration caused by the exhausting heat! I respect your words, but this helped me to cool down a bit! And for Devil's sake, give me some credit for better taste! Rakhi Sawant... Pooh!!!


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