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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can't be Serious?

After reading my last blog post "The End of Global warming", my friends lambasted me. Murali even wanted it to be deleted immediately because he believed it was causing a lot of damage. So what do we call it? 'Global Harming'? In spite of protests from my best friends, I have kept the post on because I never wanted it to be taken seriously. If it evoked a wry or a dry smile; that is what it was meant for. If it irritated you, we must remember people smoking in A/C halls! This post can't be that offensive!!!

This streak of irresponsible nature was always there in me. I remember the day when I was attending my Forensic Medicine practical examination. Most of my mates were trying to mug up whatever they could during the waiting period. I was my usual self, playing pranks and pulling legs. This was not because I was some kind of a nerveless Genius. My reaction to anxiety, tension and stress has always been to crack a joke. The joke might sound banal some times, but it has helped me to fight the escalating stress.

So one of my irritated classmates asked, "Shenoy, when are you going to become serious?". This girl was obviously pissed off and wanted me to stop the nonsense. So I shot back, "Whenever that happens, I don't want you to be treating me. Tense people make bad Doctors!". She gave it back, "You'll never prosper in life". I was wrong on that day, she too was. Today, she is a pretty successful Pediatrician and I am making a decent living too!

My Banner, my Motto and my blog are the same: Live, Love and Laugh!. I love to watch comedies and very often again and again. I can easily break down if I see someone crying; live or in movies. This weakness has made me more determined to stay off some acclaimed movies due to the 'Rona-Dhona' content. I avoid talking to women relatives of seriously ill patients simply because they can cry easily. You can't be having a spectacle of the Doctor weeping along with the relatives of the patient. There have been times when I had to rush out to the rest room to avoid this embarrassing situation!

This my friends is my problem! Pardon me for my ways that may appear imbecile to you. But I just am not strong enough upstairs, so I try to diffuse the situation with humor. 20 April was one of the hottest days out here and I was really frustrated by the heat. So I had to take the heat out on something. That is when I stumbled upon the Rakhi Sawant interview. In spite of there hardly being anything she has left for us male folks to 'Imagine'; Rakhi was threatening us with 'No Show'! That is why I felt the chill! Take it or leave it, but I mean no Global Harming! Thank you and love you all!

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  1. Its your problem Boss! It doesn't give you any right to Eat what ever little brain We have. This should be the last time you dare think such pranks on us !!@@##
    GOT IT? ? ?


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