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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clash of the Twitans!

Shashi Tharoor is an honorable man. He is Sonia Gandhi's poster-boy and he believes in RTI-Right To Information Act. So he goes on Twitter, Tweet Tweet about anything and everything from 'Holy Cows' to 'Cattle Class' to 'Interlocutors'. We all know how this innocent act of Tharoor almost brought the Nation to a screeching halt.

Lalit Modi is an honorable man too. He believes in RTI too. He too believes 'People' have the right to know everything, including the 'Individual Stakes' of each partner in the Kochi IPL Franchise'. So he too goes 'Tweet Tweet'.

Now this innocent tweeting has caused a huge commotion with people claiming Modi's dislike for Shashi Tharoor and his 'Karbonn Kamaal ka Catch' Ms. Sunanda Pushkar. Ours is a 'Nation' that runs high on 'ImagiNation'! Two perfectly honorable men who are just going about their business with the sweet sound of 'Tweet Tweet' and the whole country is abuzz with rumors that can be labeled "Clash of the Twitans"!

So if there indeed is a clash as the incorrigible media people are claiming, I have only one set of doubts. At the end of it all, will Tharoor be a 'Modi-fied' man or will he borrow the Mongoose from Hayden?

Who will enjoy the 'Citi Moment of Success' and who will be clobbered for a 'DLF Maximum'? Friends, Malayalees and Countrymen, don't go anywhere; keep your lines on. Let us just take a Maxx Mobile Strategic Timeout and wait...

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