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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Board View of Life ; Why I never get Bored !

Here are some interesting snaps I have shot over the years. Some were deliberate. Some were inadvertent and some simply lucky ones. But looking back, all these snaps tell some stories.

A Picture can speak a thousand words. I will not dwell so long; a few words will suffice!

This can be considered as second part and pictorial version of one of my earlier posts:
Bored? Read the Board !

Once in a Blue Moon - Apt for 'Neela Kurinji'

An !dea can change your life ! 
It is all about timing

Aah - Do the Bristles hurt? 
Could not have captured this better!

Beware - Are you there? Triprayar Temple 
How will you pray if you have to look out for these Noble Souls?

Camp Day With Dosa 
It should have been Dose Camp in Heartland Karnataka 
It seems they know their English !

Missing 'A'
Is it lack of space or just a typo?

25% Discount on Boys as well ? What an interesting possibility! 
Unfortunately all are sold out - Read Married !

Ads in the Time of Swine Flu
Go Green - Positive Advertisement

What Next - Sisters Soft-wares?
This one doesn't need more elaboration. I am a decent guy!

Politicians of different hues on Trees 
Right place for them ! How convenient to leave them there!

This is S-Cool - Eh?
A Typo can be Cool in these days of SMS Blasphemy

Does it mean - No entry for Non-Resident Guests?
This one was tough to understand

TOMATTO OMBLATE - Enjoy the Gaffe Oops Cafe!
So many interesting innovations in spelling!

Photography - Prohibited : Want more Proof !
Archaic Rules and Dumb Boards!

'a' - Missing in Caption !
Milma milk is so thin, 'a' perhaps got drowned in water

Objects in the mirror are LARGER than they appear
The Pothole could have gutted my little Santro!

PWD Heavenwards - Traffic Police going underground !
What with the horrendous roads, this had to happen !

Cold water over Patriotism !
The damp squib called 'Deshabhimani !

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