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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Everything will be fine !

Growing up watching Hindi movies was but natural for me. My whole family in this southern most district of Karnataka was enamored by Hindi movies. As I grew up, I realized, Hindi movies were as popular in my native place as the local Kannada movies.

The first movie I remember vividly is 'Amar Akbar Anthony'. It has stayed with me because of the unbelievable but still the legendary drunk scene of Amitabh Bachchan. I became an instant fan of the Bachchan on that day. That was in 1977. I still am amazed by this giant of a Man!

But this post is not about me, Bachchan or so many of his acts. This is about Hindi movies. Legendary Ashok Kumar also known as Dada Moni once told that the dialogues in Hindi movies contained just about 600 words. I have grown up to be forty watching Hindi movies and many more in other Indian languages.

After watching nearly a million Indian movies, I have been able to predict most of the movies halfway through the first half. For example, I knew Aamir Khan was Phunsukh Wangdu in 3 Idiots the very moment Silencer Chatur uttered this name. Even some of the best whodunits have failed to surprise me. But the fact is I still enjoy these movies!

Am I blowing my own trumpet? No, just establishing a fact. Our movies, even the best and the so called original ones are mostly predictable. But what the heck, we still love them; at least I do! So which is that one line that must have been the most oft-repeated one in Hindi movies? Let's just take a look at some of the sequences from movies of different times and we have the answer.

The Doctor visiting a sick patient examines him, gives some injection and then says, "Humne dawai dee hai, ghabrane kee koi baat nahin hai, --- ----- -- ------"

The boyfriend sitting in a park tells the worried girl, "Jaanam, Hum hamesha saath rahenge. Zaalim zamaana kuch bhi kare, lekin hum kabhi alag nahin honge. Tum chinta mat katna, --- ----- -- ------"

Father of the bride worried about dowry demand just before the wedding. The Hero walks to him and says, "Kaka aap himmat mat haariye, paison ka bandobast ho jaayega, aise chinta karne se kya fayda? --- ---- -- ------"

Mother worried about her son's unemployed status. Father while munching on dry rothi says, "Bhaagbaan, tum chinta kyun karti ho? Agar uske naseeb me naukri likhi hai toh ek na ek din zaroor mil jayegi. Bhagwaan ke ghar der hai andher nahin, yakeen mano, --- ----- -- ------"

Friends in hospital. Father of one guy is serious. His close buddy, usually the hero says, "Abe tu aise kyun moonh latka ke baitha hai? Kuch nahin hoga tere Papa ko. Hum sab tere saath hain. Poori koshish karenge, tum dekhna, --- ----- -- ------"

These are just five instances. I can go on and on giving examples. Anyone who has watched even a handful of Hindi movies can predict what is "--- ----- -- ------"

These are my favorite words too. The whole of humanity lives on expectations. Those who are going through good times will cherish the moments and wish things remain the same forever. Those who are going through tough times will wish, pray and hope for better times, for things to improve and for everything to be alright.

This is what the legendary Baba Ranchor Das tells his friends in 3 Idiots, "Keep your hand on the chest and say All is Well. This gives the courage to face challenges!" As far as I am concerned, this is absolutely true. Since childhood, during every adversity; I have always prepared myself by convincing myself, 'Everything will be fine'!

I managed to tide over a really difficult period in my life when I joined Medical College in 1988; thanks to Bobby McFerrin! Ragging, hostel life, hostile food, new people and the enormity of the Medical Course had all but demoralized me. But these positive lines helped me come out stronger.

All is well very well might have become the phrase of the nation. But I have always loved the original Hindi version that has been used from time immemorium and perhaps ad nauseum! But I still love it and it is my banner on my blog and will remain so forever. I am a die-hard optimist and hence will be wishing 'Everything will be fine'!

So on this 'World Environment Day', here I am wishing every disturbed soul, every worried mother, every exam going student, every patient waiting to go under the knife and to every single human being threatened by Global warming,...
"Sab Theek ho Jayega" !

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