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Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Indian 'Express'

Recently an eminent Doctor from a small town in Kerala wrote a letter to the Editor of the Indian Express and that really upset me. So what did he write? He was reacting to Serena Williams doing the bare it all act for some fashion magazine. He wrote, "Serena Williams has realized that even ugly girls look better without dress"

Now, if I am not wrong; this is both racist and sexist. Racist because he is obviously calling a black girl 'Ugly'. Sexist because he is commenting on a woman's looks in a definitely politically offensive language. If Serena or anyone dares to bare; it is purely a personal choice. She is not the first girl to do that and certainly will not be the last. Why should she be called 'Ugly'?

We all know beauty is skin deep. We also know how much of an issue we have made out of the racist attacks on Indians in Australia. What moral rights can we claim if we ourselves are racial like this? A little sensitivity and sophistication in commenting on other people's life should not hurt us Indians.

I wrote a letter of protest to Indian Express. That was never published. I think the Editor endorses the views 'Expressed' by the Doctor. But a shocker came five days later. Another 'Eminent Gentleman' wrote, "I support the views of Dr. TS. Serena looks like 'Bitter Chocolate' in the mentioned picture. Now I am convinced about what 'The New Indian Express' stands for!

The learned Doctor again came out with another gem last Saturday. He was commenting on the concerns of the Church about the currently debated 'Love Jihad'. He came out with these lines, "Let the Terrorists marry these Christian girls. They will suffer at the hands of these Cantankerous Christian Females". Isn't this preposterous? Such a generalization about Christian women? I am surprised not even a single whimper of protest is coming out. Well, on second thoughts; I think I know the reason. The Editor again endorses the views of the respected Doctor and perhaps finds it unnecessary to provide space for any dissent.

I don't think there is any respect for woman or womanhood here. I am canceling my subscription to this insensitive newspaper with immediate effect. I know that is not going to make much of a difference for this 'Esteemed and Fearless' Newspaper. But I find it very difficult to accept this kind of journalism.

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