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Friday, May 21, 2010

Laila O Laila !

Laila O Laila: Pondering over the Gender of Hurricanes and Cyclones !

Cyclone Laila is wrecking havoc across eastern India. I received a text message from a lady asking, "Why are all hurricanes and cyclones identified with feminine names? Is there a reason behind this phenomenon?

Wikipedia gave me some very interesting answers. I learned that there are hurricanes and cyclones happening all over the world almost on a daily basis. I also learned that Hurricane Andrew was not a Lady, he was a Gentleman. But I doubt any of those who suffered the trail of destruction he left behind will agree to call him that; a Gentleman!

It seems hurricanes used to be exclusively feminine till 1978. That must be the year when the sex change operation was invented; because we have had a lot of Mr. Hurricanes like Don, Alex, Gordon and Andrew since then. But if we look at the popularity and coverage of all those hurricanes; but for the rare trans-gender Andrew, we mostly remember Katrina, Wilma, Rita and now Laila. By the way, Laila is Pakistani by origin and is creating havoc in India. Is this a new form of Cross-border terrorism?

Why Hurricanes were, are, will and should always remain feminine; I have a dozen authentic reasons!

The very names 'Hurricane' and 'Cyclone' are completely un-masculine beyond doubt.

Men can never be so cold, so vicious,  so aggressive and yet so hot and humid at the same time!

Men are not known for hurricane, worry-cane or curry-cane and you'll never see them cycle-lonely.

Hurricanes mostly last for 3 - 7 days, quite like menstrual cycles and there is bloodshed during the periods.

They take ages to get decked up and then arrive suddenly to take everyone by surprise.

They always come with little notice like the women do all the time.

They want everyone to notice them. If not, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

They love the spotlight. Laila has sidelined both Deepika and Aishwariya at Cannes Film Festival.

They not only play with your lives, but shed enough tears to flood the neighborhood.

Look at the videos and still photographs, they all look stunningly beautiful from a distance!

Fight with your wife and see how things fly in the air; you know Hurricane is a woman!

And most importantly, when they leave; they will leave a trail of destruction behind to last for a lifetime!


  1. Good description Govindraj.Loved reading it.Women r women,if v r not that interesting do MCP xy will ever take notice of xx specie,No never.Because of unpredtability,unknown charm xx is still matter of curiosity for men.V do bring lot of changes for routine bored life,it can b constructive or destructive v don't care.All v want do is keep life on the go.Otherwise lazy men would die of boredom.

  2. :-), You are convincing, very convincing!
    Look how Pushpa agreed.
    I can add some more, like, they do abort once in a while.
    Even though she is in bad mood and destroying your life she can be very charming to neighbors, -viz. Bangalore is cool though Chennai is suffering.


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