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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Experiments with T9ism !!!

I completed forty years on this planet on my latest birthday last weekend. Short messages [SMS] were pouring in ranging from congratulatory to condolences. Yes, condolences for reaching middle-age !

Some said, "Don't turn Naughty at Forty". I said, "I shall try". Others said, "Take care of health, age is catching up". I thanked them. One was flattering, "You still look like a twenty five year old". I replied, "Yes, in my old photos from 1995!"

As I was replying to one of the messages, something funny happened. I am addicted to T9 Dictionary and just can't text without it. I can even type Indian names using T9 English.

As I went typing "I am Forty", it became "I am Empty"! Now that is ironical. When cute little twenty something girls start calling you 'Uncle'; how else can you describe life?

This made me work more on the T9 and here are some interesting T9isms !

As you type 'Woman', you get 'Womb' with the first four letters !

Try typing 'Boob' and what we get isn't far off the mark, it is 'Bomb' ! Try switching words and you get Anna / Comb / Coma !

While typing the word 'Beast', first four letters give 'Bear' !

Most of the mobiles come with T9 that is ultra-decent. T9 doesn't know swear words and abuses. T9 knows no 'Pussy' only 'Puppy'. There is only 'Aunt' and no switch word starting with C.

My Samsung Corby is a prude. She stops at 'Basta' and never progresses!

'Cabba', 'Feed', 'High' and 'Mono' are some of the meaningful words you get by pressing a single key on your mobile. And finally you also get 'Zzzz'. Now please don't sleep off, I am not finished!

My own name 'Govind Raj' becomes 'Intime Pal' on T9. That is really flattering for someone in awe of T9. And my surname 'Shenoy' too has a switch name on T9. 'Phenow'. Not bad at all.

One of the most beautiful T9ism of course will please us Indians. First 3 letters of our country will give us 'God'. Perhaps T9 God is an Indian !

Some interesting 'Switch' words !

We have a Waiver for the Waiter !

Art is Apt !

Go In !

Here Come Anne and Bond with a Bone and a Cone !

You can sometimes see the Moon in the Noon !

They Fast and Fart like Dart in the East !

He was Amazed to be Coaxed !

He remained Foe till the End !

Sucker raises the Stakes against Rubles !

Cow Boy can Bow Any Box !

The Aged Chef had to Bide his time to hire an Aide !

He caught Hold of the last Hole to win the Gold in Golf !

Kurt had Just Lust and nothing else for girls !

And finally...

Robin Hood has Gone Home for Good !

T9 comes with innumerable possibilities. So we can never really restrict this topic to a blog-post.
But as of now, I believe "This is It" !

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