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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Idea called India: A Rhyme with a Reason !

Here are some random thoughts on India; My Country, My Passion and My Mission !

Some effort has gone into rhyming the thought process. But the thought itself is spontaneous.

Though I may sound bitter and negative, I compile these thoughts with a positive outlook.

Looking forward to a better, brighter and bomb-free and scam-free tomorrow !

General Public aka Aam Aadmi

The North, South, East and the West,
We would like to claim we're the Best.
A Cricket victory and a pumping fist,
Pride puffing up our expanding chest.

Unity in Diversity

In the wake of every known adversity,
Harping on about the Unity in Diversity.
Guns and goons culture rules University,
We take it all with extreme insensitivity.

The Poorest of the Poor

Millions live below the line of poverty,
And a few own all cash and property.
Problem is with people of the Country,
Expect little work and alms in bounty.

The Middle Class

Prices sore and all that tastes is sour,
But middle class yells for gimme more.
Ethics and loyalty belong to the yore,
Until the Bosses show them the door.

The Business Class

Consumer is King is what they all say,
Buy something, that makes their day.
Efforts from thence is to keep at bay,
The buyer and while it shines make hay.

The Political Class

Service is the motto but towards oneself,
Cattle class that we are always need help.
Aam Aadmi gloats on Scam Aadmi's pelf,
Heaps of files catching dust in CBI's shelf.

The Leader

One worth his salt wants to be a mass Leader,
During accent uses the masses as the Ladder.
Selling nation for spectrum, cannon and fodder,
How do they manage, you and I've to wonder.

The Parties and Ideologies

The Right is wrong and the Left isn't Right,
All that matters here is Power and Might.
Corruption, loot and skulduggery to fight,
Mirage of the nonexistent Shining Light ?

Our Man

It seems Obama loves our learned Man,
Where Madam is supreme, what he can ?
From Finance he jumped into frying pan,
In his own party, he remains a No-man.

Expectations and Issues

Aam Aadmi needs Bijli, Sadak and Paani,
How to fool them needs knack uncanny.
British left us but not the Babu and crony,
To divide and Rule in a state of the nanny.

The Holy Cow

Everyone has reservations on reservation,
Reasons fearing ballot box reverberation.
Who wants merit when all consideration,
Surround the caste and religious equation.

Neighborhood Trouble

The Dragon above way ahead on all counts,
Pakistan needles and defense budget mounts.
Bengal Tiger scratches, Lankan Lion taunts,
Tiny little Nepal taking big brother for grants.

Foreign Dreams

Software and service dreams in US of A,
Jumping borders for the peanuts they pay.
Man-power without any international say,
Worth shouting Bolo Bharat Mata ki jai !

Worship is Work

Propitiate Gods; fake and the imaginary,
For Pundits, Imams and the Missionary.
Blessings to clear a block in the Coronary,
Worship is work without a true Visionary.

What do we do ?

Problems galore from head down to toe,
Hard work does work we ought to know.
Build a nation united we can and we'd show,
Need to stand up, deliver and take a bow !

An Idea called India

Caste, religion and region let not divide us,
Development and prosperity matter not fuss.
Opportunity waits and let's not miss the bus,
India alone matters and let's work in chorus !

Dr. Pun-dit

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