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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Interview: I can do any work !

16 years ago, I was still a fresher at my Hospital. Our Secretary used to summon me to the Board Room for his routine blood pressure checking and some sundry talk.

On one such occasion, a man in his early 30s came to see the Secretary. This was a stocky little stern looking man with a thick black beard and a mustache that was forcing itself into his mouth.

He was permitted inside because my presence there was just a casual one. Though I wanted to leave, the Secretary was in a good mood and he ordered me to stay put. I am happy he did that !

The man talked in a very humble tone with ultra-polite manner. All conversation took place in Konkani. But I have tried my best to present it in least corrupted translation. Let us call the man, Shashi for convenience.
"I can do any work..."
Shashi: Sir, I have no job and I am in real distress. Please be magnanimous to give me a job here. I can do any work within my limitations.

Secretary: Well, we will post you as ward-boy. You can have on the job training. You have to do the dressing, giving enema to patients and such jobs.

Shashi: I am sorry Sir, but I am from a respectable family. My family will never accept me doing such jobs. I can do anything other than that.

Secretary: Mmm, right. Then  you can push the wheel-chair and stretcher. You look strong enough for that.

Shashi: Sir, please forgive me. I have a back ache. So the Traditional Healer has advised me not to lift weights. Please think of any other job for me Sir.

Secretary: Oho, then we will post you in the records room. You just have to keep the files dusted and up to date. No need to lift or push.

Shashi: That would have been wonderful Sir. But I have a really worrisome allergy problem. Any dust and I get sneezing...

Our Secretary was a very generous man and went out of the way to help people. But he also was famous for his ferocious temper. I was expecting him to burst out into marching orders any time. But he seemed to be in a great mood and went on.

Secretary: So young and so many problems. What will happen to you when you are my age ? Anyway, we will post you in the lift. You just have to operate the lift during nights. You will have one week of night and one week of day duty.

Shashi: Forgive me Sir. But please try to understand, I have Diabetes and hence I can't play with my sleep. If I don't sleep well, my sugar will go out of control.

Secretary: Okay, you can then work in the Accounts Department. You can learn the job there. That should be fine with you and your sleep.

Shashi: Sir, you are really generous. But I have not cleared seventh standard and my Maths is very weak. I don't know if I can manage accounts.

Secretary: Well, that pretty much covers all the jobs in hospital. Well almost. I don't know where we can accommodate you !

Shashi: Sir, please Sir, I can do any other job. Please Sir...

Secretary: We have just two more posts for you here. One is that of Dr. Prabhu, our Medical Superintendent. The other is my own post, that of the Secretary. You can choose whichever you want. I have a meeting now and hence have to leave. Right now you go home, think over which post you want and come back when you decide on that !

I had never seen this wickedly humorous side of our Secretary before. Never saw that man Shashi again !

Dr. Punned-it


  1. Enjoyed reading, especially the final remark of the secretary !.

  2. Doc....good LOLz one:))

    1. Thanks Cheluka :-) The Secretary was my uncle !


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