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Monday, December 3, 2012

10 Reasons Why It Can't be "The End" on 21 December 2012 ?

The world which was supposed to end at the onset of the new millennium got a fresh lease of life and has survived till now. It is now programmed to end on 21 December 2012. But will it end ? The answer is an emphatic NO !

But why ? What gives me so much of confidence to say so conclusively ? There are hundreds of reasons. But ten most important clinching factors alone can be enumerated in a blog-post and here are the reasons...

Ten Reasons why the world can't end on 21December 2012

1] Rajnikanth's Kochadaiyan hasn't been released. That means, 'The End" has to wait !

2] Congress party has promised to deliver all their promises under the dynamic leadership of Rahul Gandhi if they win the 2014 general elections. It just can't be "The End" !

3] The exact loss to the exchequer in the 2G scam hasn't been determined. It just can't be "The End" without arriving at the exact figure, be it 0 or those facile figures quoted by the CAG !

4] Well of course, Sachin Tendulkar has not retired because it would be selfish to retire when the world needs him more than any time before. The writing is on "The Wall". The God has to take the call in "The End" !

5] Obama has declared the best is ahead for America. If he said so, how can it be "The End" ?

6] Salman Khan has given clear indication that the Tiger wants to be tamed by the Kat. The world has no business to say "The End" till he really becomes "Ek THA Tiger"!

7] My neighborhood uncle aged 87, pooh-poohed the whole issue saying his horoscope says he is destined to live till 96 years and the horoscope can't be wrong. That means we are safe at least till "The End" of 2021 !

8] In 2010, the LIC sanctioned me a home loan for a 15 year tenure. That pushes "The End" a little farther than all other reasons cited !

9] India and Sri Lanka haven't played a bilateral ODI series for a long time now. If it has to be "The End", it has to be during one of those endless ODI series. So the wait is on !

10] "The End" can't be here until India decide how "The End" of Afzal Guru will come; Dengue, heart attack or hanging !

At "The End" of the day, "The End" of the days isn't here. Not so soon !

So let us all relax and wait for the thing most worth waiting for: "Kochadaiyan" !
Not "The End" !!!

Dr. Punned-it


  1. LOL...Ha Ha...One more reason is...I just bought my S3! i should need at least a month's time to know how to use that !!

    1. Haha, I also bought S-III 4 months ago and they have given me an extended warranty till 2015 :-P


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