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Monday, September 22, 2014

Wah Mumtaz !

Facebook and Twitter have over the past two years, gradually weaned me off Blogger and kept me away from it for one whole year.. But honestly, I am never made for the 140 characters mad scramble and have always relished the elaborate expression of Blogging. What happened yesterday made me yearn to come back and Blog because that made me feel good, actually feel better. Well, not really, this must be the best I have felt in a long long time.

Mumtaz: The incredible Anseema's magnificent Mother !
Image borrowed from the WWW
My Sunday morning Clinic for me, is not only a means to pocket a few Dollars more. It often enriches me thanks to some relaxed and laid back interactions with my clients. It was one such afternoon yesterday. Anseema, a twenty year old final degree Commerce student was my last client for the day. She was told by some Homeopath that she had some heart disease. Both the girl and her mother looked extremely anxious. Only problem I could detect in her was she was ridiculously small for date at just a few milligrams over 30 kilos.

After a thorough examination, I leaned back on my chair and told the mother and daughter, "See, this girl has absolutely no heart problem. I understand she has never been hospitalized for any illness to-date. If anyone has to find any problem with her, it has to be her weight. Even that should not matter for you people. But since your community insists on early marriages, she may need to gain about 10 kilos to be ready for marriage. No other problems...".

The girl cut me off at this stage and said, "No Sir, I will not marry now. Not at all. I want to study and find a good job for myself. I will not even think of marriage till then". At this point, I turned to her mother and told, "See, in your community, most of the girls are married off early. I know a very beautiful and intelligent girl whom I knew as a child and she was married off at the age of 16 and by 17, she had become a mother. I request you to stand by your child and educate her and do not think of marriage, at least till 23."

The mother looked serious, gave a deep sigh and said, "No Sir, not 23". My heart almost sank at this stage but I let her continue without interfering. She continued, "I want her to complete MBA and be a woman of her own. She will not marry before 27 and even after that, will marry when she wants to. I married early at 17 and I know how miserable it is. My child will not become another maid servant. She will live a life of dignity...!". The very affable and serene countenance of this young mother never betrayed the determination and steel within her. Absolutely stunning lady.

I got up from my chair and saluted this mother, Mumtaz of the modern era. I told her, "You have made my day and I congratulate you for your conviction, courage and boldness. Please stay on course and please do remember me if you people need any kind of assistance from me at any time. I would definitely love to be there on the day of Anseema's MBA graduation ceremony."

I shall never forget these two people, whom I underestimated when they walked into my consultation room. Both the beautiful women left my clinic with wonderful smiles on their faces and a surreal lump in my throat. The world needs more and more people like Mumtaz and her Anseema.

PS: These names are real and I have taken their permission to mention them here because India needs to hear and know more about more such people. Whatever reach this post achieves should be a boost for the Girl-Child Education.

Dr. Punned-it

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