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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Psychology of AAP: The Perpetual Agitators !

It's becoming quite clear now as to what makes Aam Aadmi Party tick. This party was founded riding piggyback on a popular movement called India Against Corruption  (IAC).

The whole meaning of this movement was agitation. It attracted people from all walks of life and ONE MAN found his mojo in life after changing professions and generally doing nothing but wander around in search of easy fame.

Thus the AAP was formed with people who had different aims on their personal agendas. But the binding force was their love for agitation, unrest and anarchy.

The whole movement believed everyone and everything with this country was wrong and all that was needed was an agitation to scare the rulers to set things right.

Even they could not have visualised such a popular support for the movement in the Capital. But once they tasted success, the goal became larger and the people (at least one man) became ambitious.

The result was a resounding rejection at the National level followed by an extraordinary acceptance in Delhi. The margin as well as the magnitude of victory was blinding and the party had just begun.

But what next ?

For the people whom agitating was the only weapon in the armour, the nitty gritty of administration had started to take a toll. They were in complete disarray with absolutely no idea about what to do.

It was like the one trick pony that could perform just the one mad rush it had learned all life. And the pony was now asked to run at the Delhi derby with the whole race course open for it to run. But the pony new nothing about the race. All it knew was the mad dance.

There was a need to agitate. There was a need to rebel and do the mad rush. The urge was unsuppressable. It was like a man's inability to suppress diarrhea. And thus came Anna Hazare again to the rescue of the perpetual agitators.

But the response of the people to Anna and to the agitation against the land bill was less than lukewarm. In fact it was a downright cold and clammy flop show.

So now, the agitators had no target body to agitate. There was no support on the ground for the agitation, except from the Adarsh Liberals and the media.

But popular movements need more than rabble rousers and media. It needs a cause, a reason and a purpose the people could relate to. That was missing this time, unlike the IAC movement.

When the restless rebels don't find a target for their rebellion, a sustainable cause for the unrest, they need a catharsis. They need to purge the urge to splurge their overflowing Rebellion.

And THAT, the insatiable urge to agitate is the reason for the implosion within Aam Aadmi Party. It's like a pack of wolves not finding a prey to attack and hence fighting and biting one another.

The men with diarrhea are all over the Delhi administration. They can't control their urge and there's no water in Delhi. That's why all the shit happening with no holds barred catharsis of the perpetual agitators.

Though it's hurting Delhi, hurting the image of the party, in the long run; it is for the benefit of people. The people will know the truth. If you hanker too much for free meals, all you'll get is diarrhea.

A lesson learned should not hurt us !
Dr. Punned-it

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