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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanks to Kerala and West Bengal!

I am a confirmed BJP supporter for the Economic policies and for many other reasons. But I am not in favor of Ram Senas and riots. I abhor violence even in movies and prefer romantic comedies. So today's Election verdict was a shocker for me because BJP has lost badly and Congress has won handsomely.

I am not a fan of Manmohan Singh and I am not particularly fond of Sonia Gandhi's family. But even in BJP's defeat, I find a silver lining. That silver lining is provided by the voters of our own Kerala and West Bengal. The Communists have been more or less descimated and demoralized by this reversal. It augurs well for the future of the country that the Left is defeated and left behind. For five years now; well four and a half years actually, they did backseat driving with the MMS government. Even though I don't have great love for Congress, I don't abhor it like I do with the Commies. I consider Communists to be obscurantists and anti-progress.

Being a highly Politically concious person, I have found only the Communists to be the real untouchables in the present day India. And I am happy for the near future. I hope the Congress does pay back with something substantial for the faith the people have reposed in it. And now they have the Communists off their back too!

So Congratulations and Good Luck MMS, Sonia and Co! Please work for ALL the people of India!

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