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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Whoa... Goa!

We went to Goa on a part pilgrimage and part family function. We here is my family of five; Father, Mother, Wife, my Little one and Me. We were in Goa for 3 days. From 5 May to 7 May.

I must say Goa is a very friendly place. It has a lazy elegance about it. Lazy because you see the life in slow motion here. Even a small Coffee shop will behave like a Five-Star Hotel. They will take a minimum of half an hour to serve coffee for 3 people. Not once did we see any urgency in Goa :-). Elegance is the identity of Goa. The clean and neat beaches, the monumental Churches and the beautiful Konkani Temples; Goa is simply fantastic.

It was really very hot out there. But we had to make the most of whatever time we had and we sure did just that. We did manage to enrich the soft-drink companies in the bargain. I can't remember how many of those sweet, aerated bottles I guzzled down to beat the heat. My little one was a close second in this Championship.

Due to time constraints and fatigue, we had to beat the retreat on 7 May and spend most of the time in the comforts of AC rooms in Nanutel Hotel in Madgaon that day. So what will I remember about Goa? The Taxi Drivers, the Beach Boys and the Shopkeepers were all simply very helpful and honest! I haven't seen such politeness and friendly nature anywhere except in Himachal Pradesh.

I must add: I loved Goa... Whoa ! We will be back, during winter to enjoy the cozy and adorable hospitality in a better weather!

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