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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unforgettable lesson on the Father's Day!

My father just completed 75 years on this planet this month. We had a low key family celebration because I am superstitious about celebrating milestones. I abhor philosophy, superstitions and advice as long as they are not mine ! But when it comes to my own people, well they are mine, right ?

Very often, we complain about his forgetful nature. He tends to forget to press the flush button after using the toilet. He also forgets to inform my Mother when he goes out to the grocery store or to the temple. If we insist on him carrying the mobile phone, he takes the escape route of not being able to use it. He once forgot to answer a phone when it was ringing because he thought it was not for him !

He was gone to a nearby store once and didn't return for two hours. When he came back, we were worried and angry and attacked him for not being responsible. To make matters worse, he has a problem with hearing. But he flatly refuses to use a hearing aid. He hays, he has absolutely no problem. Then I have retorted, "Well, the problem is for us !"

On occasions, I have asked him to be more attentive. In reply, I have heard him say, "I am not planning to forget all this". If my wife or mother ask him, he will simply brush them off saying, "I am not the only one who forgets things in this house". Often, we have ganged up against him and actually demanded "Alertness".

To move on to what he is; he is the one who locks the gate and our house from inside every single night at around 9:30 PM. He is fanatic about latching every door and windows at night. Every night before he retires, he checks if I have locked my car. He manages most of the day to day shopping while my wife takes care of larger shopping. Every night before going to bed, he tells a story to my ten year old daughter and she'll sleep only after the story session !

Last night, he came to me at around 9:00 PM and told he is feeling tired and wants to sleep early. He told, "Baby is watching television and hence no story session tonight. So I don't want to wait till 9:30 PM". I told him, "Carry on, I shall lock the gate and door. Everything will be taken care of. Good night". I went on with my work on the Computer. Then there was the T-20 World Cup Semi-Final between West-Indies and Sri Lanka. It was past 1:00 AM when I went to bed. And woke up at 8:00 AM. I go into slow-motion mode on most of the Saturday mornings till about 10:00 AM.

After my breakfast I was still lazing around when my mother came and whispered to me, "We have not told your father. But you forgot to lock the gate and the main door. Even the light in the porch was on. The gate was not even latched properly. Vidya was stunned to find all these things and she thought someone had actually broken into our house in the night". Imagine some robber were to find out this and actually broken in and done some serious harm ! I am shivering at the mere thought of this. How could I ?

Well, I salute you Father. At just a shade under half your age, I had jeopardized the security of our beloved home. You have done things that were due to age and nature. What I did was absolutely irresponsible. I shall be 'N' times more careful in future when I take up some responsibility and when I complain about your forgetfulness ! For that matter I shall try to restrain myself whenever I criticize anyone in future.

Thanks for taking care of those small things in life that make us sleep well and remain safe in our cozy little home. Love you and this piece is my Father's Day Greeting to YOU !

Dr. Punned-it

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