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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monsoon; Never too soon...

Almost two weeks and I haven't been able write anything on my blog. There are three reasons.

One, I started another blog along with my Wiki World Book account. All I did was to copy paste my posts from here on my new blog. That doesn't mean this will be redundant. It is just that I want to update that blog to this level and then manage both.

Two, I was so busy with work over the past two weeks; it was easier to copy paste than to think.

Three, I was not able to recollect suitable incidents to compile the "Matters of Historical Importance Part-4.

So... This is just to assure myself that I am not going through another of that dreadful "Blogger's Block"

One positive thing about past two weeks has been the arrival of the rain. The much awaited annual cooling down process of planet earth came almost a month too late. Must add here that I had almost become paranoid about an impending Drought! Thank heavens, the heavens have opened up finally and we are enjoying the much needed monsoon! Hope it will last for at least two months.

As the years have passed, the arrival of monsoon has become so erratic that we are forced to say, "Monsoon; Never too soon!"

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