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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Perpetual Refugee !

Tired of the speed, monotony and heat of the routine, I took a small break last week. It was a non too flashy river side resort at Athirappilly, that I had visited two years ago and wanted to visit again. It was a nice feeling because all my phones were out of range in the high range !

A look at the River from the Resort

Away from the critically ill, the beeping monitors, the white uniform and the defibrillators, this was a wonderful unwinding session. Walking through the tranquil evening, it occurred to me there was something totally unnatural in our clamor for peace !

I went after this beauty with the enthusiasm of a little kid !

And as these thoughts evolved, I tried to rhyme them into what I would like to call poetry. This is the best I could manage. Hope at least some people relate to this !

The Perpetual Refugee !

Homo sapiens was but born as a part of the nature,
With Flora, Fauna and all of biological nomenclature.
The evolution of species raised the mankind in stature,
Self-esteem and left all over, the indelible signature.

Enough in abundance here to eat, drink and survive,
Green plants, flowing water, blue sky and beehive.
Life was indeed so bountiful and everything so alive,
Until greed made the entry into the minds so naive.

From living together with every form on planet Earth,
Man and woman went to gather and warm the hearth.
Burning trees and bushes when wood wasn't in dearth,
Was when the process of destruction truly took its birth.

First, the wheel came and invention after revolution,
For finding every other problem, a full and final solution.
Science did always move ahead in fast forward motion,
But greed overtook everything else in chaotic pollution.

Leaving the cave for the hut and the hut for the house,
Mansions and comforts couldn't get the greed douse.
I've only this and others have more became a grouse,
Progress leading to contacts at the click of a mouse.

Beginning with all earthlings in a joyful ride of harmony,
We've arrived today in a quagmire ruled alone by money.
Lust and longing inflicted, we're on a one way journey,
That never will to return to roots of nectar and honey.

Existing in concrete jungles with air-conditions blasting,
Polluted air, water, noise and environment everlasting.
Turning to the wheels of vehicle to escape the heat sting,
To whatever remains of nature to listen to the birds sing !

A paradox of construction and destruction that we see,
Alas, if only the forefathers could manage well to foresee.
Wouldn't we be running for shelter to the hills and the sea,
On our own planet, living the life of a perpetual refugee !

Let there be no further mistakes and do wake up let us all,
Before it is too late and too difficult to recover from the fall.
Our progeny did no wrong to inherit doom; here is the call,
Go green, go green, we only have one Earth to have a ball !

Art of Nature in the Heart of Nature !

Dr. Pun-dit


  1. here blogs a true nature lover......;-).....loved the poem, it really picked up steam after the first 2 para, do write more.....also the line...out of range in high range had me lol.....cheerzzzz


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