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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do we need religions?

Do we need religions?

More and more I look at this world, more and more am I convinced that Religions are the worst problem the planet Earth is facing. We just had some fanatics attacking a friendly Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Pakistan. Look at this... Here is a Country discredited by almost the entire world for its covert and overt support to Terrorism. Here is a Country which is hemorrhaging economically and at the social level. And I was thinking the people of this country should be doing something to restore the credibility of their beloved country in front of a suspecting world. In stead what we saw today is a dastardly and cowardly act of attck against a Team of innocent Goodwill travellers who have braved to visit this ravaged country.

If any religion condones this kind of act, why do we have religions at all? Why do the majority Muslims keep silent and not and disown the very miniscule but vocal and rabid minority of terrorists? Why is there so much of hatred in this world? We all know we are born to die one day... Why can't we co-exist with our agreements and disagreements without hurting others?

Am I wrong if I expect to live in a world that lives and lets live?


  1. Good Job GOVIND. Always knew you have a way with words, you proved me right. I have one small suggestion, keep your sentences small, some times they get stretched keep them small. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Murli, I would take hint of your suggestion.


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