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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just the beginning!

Well, I see very busy people like L. K. Advani and Amitabh Bachchan do blog. I always used to consider my life to be hectic. But after seeing some extraordinary and great people blog and put into words their thoughts, I thought... Why not make a humble beginning?

I don't know if what I write will ever be read by anyone. Used to write satire during younger days. But had given up writing altogether once into this profession of Doctor. But looking at day to day life, I often feel very passionately about certain things in life. One such thing is smoking. I just hate this extremely offending habit in fellow human beings, especially in public places. Religion is another of my problems. I believe religions of the world divide people like nothing else. How an ideal world could be a so much a better place to live without religious bigotry and smoking. Both pollute this planet earth. I love planet earth, because... As of now this is the only place we can live reasonably safe!

Hope to be back with more about what I feel for.
Sincerely and Passionately in love with life!


  1. excellent initiative. am sure you will find some dedicated time on a regular basis to blog. the most busiest people in the world finds time to do everything; that's why they are busy. indeed it is place to rave or rant about anything under the sun!


  2. Hey Raj..

    Its great to know you've started blogging. It was always meant for you! Since you love to talk talk talk and not care a hoot to who's listening ;-)

    But yeah, i have to admit that I've always cherished your talkathons and so, i'm really glad you've joined the bandwagon. And as for not having been here to cheer you earlier, its cos you'd alerted me on an address that is defunct. Please note that my email is I don't use my other email anymore.

    Once more, here's wishing you the very best in ur new avatar as Blogger. I'm signing up as a follower and if i may try my hand at soothsaying, you're going to have a massive fan following soon!



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