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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sri Ram Sena... Please Listen

Recently there was a huge outcry all over India about Sri Rama Sena of Pramod Muthalik attacking pub-going girls. My mother and uncle who both hail from place close to Mangalore were vociferous in their reaction.

Uncle told Muthalik is right. These pub-going people are spoiling our culture. They are violating and harming our religion. And how the media, government and Christians have created unholy nexus and are progressively polluting our society. The girls are being outraged, raped, secretly taped and then forced into prostitution. I tried to reason with my Uncle, that may be he has a point or two; but is violence the way to sort out this problem. He came out with several facile answers. One of the complaint was that, even if Muthalik and people went to press or visual media with proof against the polluting people, they will not get the support and will be blacked out. The entire media except the vernacular media was against Hindus. And a lot of things like that. But I still persisted with, "Still you can't go and attack girls in pubs, you can approach the parents and try to convince them about keeping a watch on their wards". But my Uncle was not at all convinced and he gave the verdict: " You know Nothing. absolutely NOTHING"

Well, after he went back to his place, I started thinking:
"What exactly do these Rama Sena people think about our culture?"
I have some questions...
* Is it alright for a man to drink to his fill and fall on roads?
* Is it fine if a drunken man comes home and beats up his wife and children and never supports them in any manner?
* Is it alright for the poor labour class people to go to arrack shops and drink that horrible stuff?
* Is drinking in pubs the only way because of which our culture gets spoiled?
* Is it fine if boys drink alcohol at pubs or elsewhere?
* Was the modesty of our girls and women safe before the advent of pubs?

I have seen so many of those Brigands belonging to the "Kama Sena" who harass girls, young women and even aged women. My mother at the age of 57 was targetted by a dirty scoundrel in a Cinema hall before I gave him the medicine.

Now... My sincere suggestion to the Rama Sena people...
Only the hand that protects has the right to punish! The parents of the errant children are the ones protecting them. So it is the parents who have to decide what should be done with their children. And if you people are so much concerned about our culture and the modesty of our women... Please don't look at Rama, but rather at his brother Lakshman. This was such a pious man that he never looked at the face of his Sister-in-law Seeta. He could recognize her only by looking at her feet. So much was the respect and reverence he had for Women!

So the crying need of our society is NOT Rama Sena, but "Lakshmana Sena". That is a bunch of commited people who believe in the truth "Yatra Naaryastu Poojante, Ramante tatra Devatha". The Gods live where the women are worshipped! The Lakshmana Sena should act against all kind of atrocities against women. Drunk husband beating up hapless wife, College going girls being pinched and molested by dirty rotten men and any woman being harassed by men in general. I am not asking for violent action, but reasonable action within the perimeters of law and bring them to justice! How can we forget even highly educated women being tortured by Bosses? We will be a Great Country only when women are safe on the roads, offices, trains and buses!

India will be a better place to live when women can travel safely in buses and trains without being "Man-handled". And how can we forget those thousands of "Aarushis?"

Jai Sri Lakshman !

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